Saturday, January 15, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes on "Uncle Matin's Sword Trick"

Not Cairo.  Temecula.  We had a great location and
the people who owned the property were wonderful

Matin waiting to do the most amazing sword trick you will ever see.

We shot from a low angle to visually give Matin more power & strength,
but also to frame out the cars and hills behind him.

The bazaar is more impressive in the short.

Swords are awesome.  This one was from Sword & the Stone in Burbank.

Mark arrives on set ready to go.

Greg Santos & Feraz Ozel.  Greg had to play
multiple extras since a few flaked and didn't show up.

Most of the shots are subtle moves on the dolly.

The director ties the infamous red sash on the Swordsman, Matin Atrushi.

Matin Atrushi & Mark Christopher Lawrence rehearse.
As soon as the camera rolled, Mark brought incredible energy to the part.  So much fun directing him. 

Director Travis Kurtz reminds Matin that he must take his glasses off.

Feraz Ozel schools young thespian Lance Lee on how to put on the dishdasha.

Mohammed, Sammer, Feraz & Greg wait for the sword trick.

Director Kurtz tells Greg that he must be in the background of every shot.

On a very hot day, the veteran actor Mark Christopher Lawrence,
comes fully prepared with his covered seat, sun hat and sandals.  

Joaquin Garay III (on the left)

DP & Director confer as everyone bakes in the hot sun.
I think it was 100 degrees that day.

Director of Photography Ignatius Fischer.

The crew prepares for the first shot of the day.  Goats, dogs, chickens, snakes, extras,
we were hoping it would feel like a real bazaar.

Matin Atrushi as the Cairo Swordsman, Uncle Matin.  By the way, it's a real sword.
Matin grew increasingly tired as we made him swing it around for quite a few takes.

Mohammed Alayian and Matin Atrushi.

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