"NSFW" got over 250K hits very quickly thanks to many websites, including these:
Kontraband featured NSFW on their front page.

Obrigado Copi Cola!

We were the #9 most popular comedy on all of YouTube for a few days, keeping pace with Channels
that have over 500K followers.  We only have 300 followers, not 300K, three-hundred total.
We're hoping to grow that!  Please subscribe!  :)

We were popular in a lot of different countries.  Very fun.

"Uncle Matin's Sword Trick" appeared on many websites worldwide; here are a few of them:

FARK!  Very excited to get on Fark, a site we've been fans of for years.
Epic Win for Zeke Mahogany on our first sketch!

Front page of Tudou, the #2 website in China.

Sword Trick was big with the Geek websites.

Geeks ARE sexy.  Matin will take it.

An Australian gossip site with Matin smack dab in the mix.

Another gossip site.  Katherine Heigel and Matin an item?

For some reason, Poland loved Sword Trick.  Thanks Poland!

Great article by ScreenRant which understands exactly what we're trying to do.

Topless Robot, another cool website we were excited to get on.

An excellent film site in Poland.  Thanks Widelec!

Thanks to our friends at Chortle UK!