Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poster for France

Day at the Beach (starring Frenchy)

We've been waiting a long time to release this one.  Hope you enjoy it!
What could POSSIBLY ruin the perfect day at the beach?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baghdad TV Promo starring Uncle Matin

Promo for Baghdad TV, shot while we were making "Uncle Matin's Sword Trick."  After finishing the shoot early, we improv'd this, tossing Matin ideas while we just let the camera run.  Matin was feeling it that day, coming off his first-ever shoot feeling excited and creative.  Sword Trick was Matin's first acting performance and I think he did exceptionally well.  Hope you enjoy our little playing around:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New comedy sketch coming!

Screen Rant article about Zeke Mahogany:


Behind-the-Scenes on "Not Safe For Work" - Part 3

More BTS shots of the NSFW from Super Bowl Sunday.
Actors Jaime Stickle, David Tsuboi & Jonathan Murphy

This scene got cut from the short.  It involved Juicy Fruit and Jonathan's  Ding-Dong.

Jonathan and his green highlighter.

Jonathan Murphy is... NSFW.

David Tsuboi, Jonathan Murphy and Davis Choh

Jaime, Davis & Scott Narver

Davis Choh hard at work

Who touched my Thermos?

Someone is sweating.

Helen Shen as Winnie Poon

Special Thanks to Samuel Wu & Ideal Properties in Alhambra, CA!

Behind-the-Scenes on "Not Safe For Work" - Part 2

Here are BTS shots of the office portion of the shoot in Alhambra, CA.
Jonathan Murphy (ABC's "Life On Mars" and "October Road") & Jaime Stickle

Make-Up Artist Dawn Mattocks, Jaime, Director Travis Kurtz, Jonathan

James Calvert getting ready for his 'stache.

Director Kurtz discusses the scene with Murphy.

Dawn does last looks on James before the Boss makes his entrance.

Why is Jonathan sniffing a stapler?

We shot this on Super Bowl Sunday and had everyone out of there by 2:30pm.  

DP Derek Nickell putting a lav on Jonathan.

Jaime Stickle about to get a salami in her face.

Director & DP

Behind-the-Scenes on "Not Safe For Work" - Part 1

Here's BTS for NSFW from the first part of the shoot, the closet scene, which we shot several weeks before the office scenes.
Jaime & DP Derek Nickell prepare for the closet shoot.

The librarian look.

WTF is going on?  Our shoots are always fun.

Couldn't afford/find an office that had a vent, so we improvised.
Cardboard boxes, a backlight and Jaime crawling. 

Derek and Travis had to prove that the green food coloring was NOT toxic.

Jaime Parker Stickle in action.

Apologies to Daniel Figueroa who shot one of the webcam scenes but then when it got transferred and sent to the editor, it got lost somehow and didn't make the cut.  By the time we noticed, it was too late.  Sorry Daniel!

Jaime, Daniel and Derek.  Daniel is now creating a black hole at CERN in Switzerland at the Large Hadron Collider.

RIP - Oscar Robinson

An extra pic of Daniel since I feel guilty for him winding up on the cutting room floor!  :)


Sexual harassment in the workplace is no laughing matter.
Or is it?

Behind-the-Scenes on "Ahmed the Iraqi Clown"

The great poster Rex Poole made for the shoot.  
Matin begins his transformation.

Feraz Ozel holds up the funniest thing in the short.

Sound is separate from the camera so we use an old school slate.

What did we learn from this shoot?  No one likes clowns.

Matin Atrushi is Ahmed.

Even the kids were scared of Matin.

Name?  Parents of the teenage girl, name?

The birthday party.


Ahmed blows a balloon animal.

Farid, the one-legged balloon boy scene.

We were under the gun to finish up the shoot by the time we got EXT. House.  

Ahmed the Iraqi Clown

Driving home with Director Travis Kurtz